Fit for a Queen

Fit for a Queen



Channel 4’s Utopia AKA The best British Drama this century

Spoilers…maybe? I guess…for a nearly 4 year old show.

It’s still available on demand via Channel 4 now.  Go watch it.

“When a small group of people find themselves in possession of a manuscript of cult graphic novel Utopia, their lives are knocked out of kilter by explosive events. Targeted by a shadowy organisation known only as The Network, they are left with one option if they want to survive: they have to run.”

A visceral drama about a conspiracy and a group of regular people pulled into its web. A dystopian, speculative fiction brought to life in vivid colour and cinematographic style.

Big Pharma, eugenics, politics, mass fast food manufacture, subterfuge, violence, inhumane testing and torture. The ideas of good people and bad people are tested, blurred and broken as the plot twists and turns with every episode.

Why ‘Peck in the Crown’?

Short answer: A very minor character mentioned in the works of the Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins.


No. Not the West Midlands heavy metal band from the 80s.


That guy. The 17th Century, East Anglian witch-hunter. And this image shows us the use of Peck in the Crown, or rather Pecke in the Crowne. This was an imp named by a woman in Manningtree, Essex who was arrested for witchcraft subjected to sleep deprivation for 4 days. After this time she named a number of familiars and imps.

To a modern eye it is clear that these were the ramblings of a frightened, sleep deprived woman who was probably on the edges of society (as most of the accused witches of the time were) and most likely only spoke up in an attempt to stop her torture.

So why did I choose this as a name for my blog? Well I have taken to identifying as a witch, not so much out of a belief in the powers of witchcraft but as a political statement.

I’m a fat, queer, tattooed, mentally ill stripper. Yeah, I’m a fuckin’ witch.