Are Aliens the new Zombies?

Are Aliens the new Zombies?

Short answer: Yes.


As any genre fan knows trends come in waves, particularly in horror. Other than the perennial favourite The Slasher, our boogiemen change throughout the years. The zombie craze has pretty much seen its end now and while there was a little flurry of vampires it didn’t really stick for long, shaky cam possessions and found footage hauntings are seeing their last days too and from what I can see cosmic horror is about to be the new big thing.

What will be the new slow v fast argument?

I think this will branch into two factions. Extraterrestrials and Inter-Dimensional Beings. Extraterrestrials being creatures from other planets, I-DBs being creatures from other dimensions which exist along side our own, often inhabiting the same space usually without being sensed by us.

Why now?

Currently pop culture is going through a 90s revival. Jelly shoes, mom jeans, henna tattoo chokers THE LOT! And with that I think people are also looking back to the UFO craze of that time. UFOs were the new Satanic Panic, both were linked with Government conspiracy and had ruthless hypnotists and psychotherapists rubbing their hands with glee. UFO videos and experiences were all over the TV and Cinema, Ray Santilli’s alien autopsy footage and The X Files fuelled that fire. And with the return of The X-Files to our screens this year that fire is back. The US has a Clinton in the presidential race which also drags us screaming back to the 90s and HRC has been mentioning the so-called UFO files in interviews recently.

POSSIBLE SPOILERS FROM HERE ON. I can’t tell you what I may be spoiling as their inclusion in this piece is kind of a spoiler in itself.

Netflix is currently running a new sci-fi series Stranger Things set in 1983 and is a delicious slice of nostalgia.

Banshee Chapter from 2013 was an early contender to the trend as a loose adaptation of Lovecraft’s From Beyond.

Other recent titles that have fed into my theory include 10 Cloverfield Lane, Midnight Special, 5th Wave, Independence Day Resurgence (which appears to be a garbage fire)  VHS 2.

Upcoming titles that seem to fit in include The Blob, Story of Your Life, Alien Covenant, Rupture, Alien Sleeper Cell and The Predator.


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